Friday, 12 August 2011

10 Top Tips for Brides

1. In the run-up to your wedding drink lots of water. With all that running around it would be easy to get dehydrated. Make sure on the morning of the wedding you have a couple of glasses as you maybe drinking a tiny bit of champers later on.....well a glass or two. ;)

2. Delegate a couple of helpers. With two well have organised people to oversee and deal with any unexpected hitches on the day, you do not need the added stress and as long as they have their phones close at hand and don't get too squiffy, you'll be just dandy.

3. Weddings are wonderful family occasions but they can also bring a lot of stress and can easily lead to family tension and conflict. If a family member is hassling you and testing your patience, just remember that it simply cannot be spoilt by anyone. Grab hold of your new husband and give them a big kiss and relax. If either of you are getting stressed out just take 10 mins and have a walk or sneak off together for some time away from the masses.

4: Take a few pairs of shoes. If your wedding photographer is anything like me the chances are they will want to take the bride and groom off somewhere for some interesting portraits. This may involve walking into the woods or going (just a little) off the beaten track. Often I recommend that brides wear some funky coloured wellies or if the dress is covering their feet, even stout comfy shoes. Obviously it is often not necessary if your not heading off-piste and also you may be on sand or dry grass where you can slip off your shoes and go native. If your wedding shoes are taller, or indeed tighter, than your used to, you could always take another pair for evening dancing antics. Either way don't forget to fit those gel cushions!
5: Always eat breakfast. No matter how tired you are or how nervous you feel it is essential not to faint while walking down the aisle. I know the odd romantic swoon is acceptable but complete unconsciousness can tend to dampen the mood (especially if you dribble!).

6: Do a timeline. If you're unsure of what will happen on the day with regards to photography, catering, confetti and all the other myriad of things to plan, then compile a list with times alongside. This will help you to sync your caterers, photographer, DJ, etc and yourselves. Remember to add 10 mins padding at virtually every stage. Don't forget on your wedding day you cannot move from one room to another without being stopped at least five times by people wanting to chat...... If you have any planning queries just consult the professionals. Your caterers and photographer should be able to help you with advice and the benifit of their experience. I know from many weddings that seeing a couple's timeline before the wedding is vital for my own planning and quite often it can help with the timings of different elements.

7: Always take a sewing kit with you on your wedding day. I'd say at least a third of all weddings that I photograph have dress issues. Occasionally the bride, but more often the bridesmaids, accidentally tread on a hem or pull off a piece of flower detail etc. Make sure someone has a sewing kit at hand for emergency repairs. Some brides even suggest creating an emergency kit for all eventualilties. Fill a small bag with items such as a travel size sewing kit (you'd be amazed at the magic tricks just one safety pin can perform), clear nail polish (for stocking runs), an extra set of tights or stockings, throat lozenges, and aspirin. Other ideas for the "emergency kit" include tissues, breath mints, tampons, hand cream, and plasters...

8: Brides..Don't forget the fun bits. It is odd how every wedding I photograph the signing of the register and the cutting of the cake, when those shots are often not the most interesting part of the wedding, and rarely go in an album. I understand it is traditional and an important part of the day but often it is funny how people forget to toss the bouquet or even have some loyal friends with half a ton of confetti at hand. Why not create more wedding photography opportunities by having a wedding pinata (we did!) or play some wedding games.

9: Bridal preparations and photography: It is always nice to get some shots of the the bride with the bridesmaids just having a big chill before the dress goes on. I like those informal shots of the ladies having a cup of tea or a cheeky glass of bubbles and having a giggle together. These are great shots but if you want to make the best use of your time (and your photographer) the best thing to do is to take those shots and then get changed into your wedding dress for a few more setups. That way the photographer can get those shots done and scoot off to church with plenty of time to capture the guests arriving and the groom looking nervous.

10: And finally a few photography tips for brides (I just can't help myself). Firstly make sure you choose a photographer who you can have a laugh with. On your wedding day it's surprising how long you spend with them. It often seems to be good value for money when a photographer offers you a second photographer at your wedding for little or no money. But generally this will mean you get stacks of pictures of the backs of your heads. The second snapper is often an amateur with little knowledge and poor equipment. There is also the danger of two photographers actually ruining the ambience, especially in church. Two photographers are unlikey to get you twice the amount of quality pictures. Like most things in life, quality and quantity are separate things. Finally and importantly be sure to tell your wedding photographer about any ideas you have for your pictures. You may want a vintage feel or something more simple and elegant. Some people love black and white photography, some not. Speak to your photographer before the big day and then they can work accordingly. If you have any other tips, please contact me by clicking below.

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