Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Seaton Carew Engagement Shoot with Sharon and Steven

I had a great engagement shoot with Sharon and Steven the other day. We managed to get a brief gap between showers and headed down to Golden Bay near Seaton Carew.

Photography for weddings in north Yorkshire
Seaton Carew's golden sands
Getting married in Hartlepool
Engagement Shoot by DJP Wedding Photography
Hartlepool photo shoot pre-wedding
A beaming bride-to-be
Seaton Carew engagement shoot
Sand dunes at Golden Bay
Wainstones weddings great broughton
Just behind Hartlepool Power station
wedding venues in Hartlepool
The happy couple
North East Wedding Photographer
It looks warm but is was'nt!

This is a quiet little spot near Seaton Carew and beyond Seaton Carew GolfLinks.  Look one way and you get lovely sand dunes and the North sea. Look the other and its all the cranes and chemicals on Teesside and Hartlepool's finest power station. Such is the juxtaposition of the North East.
Steven and Sharon were great and fantastic to work with and I'm really looking forward to their wedding at the Wainstones.

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