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Ripley Castle Wedding Photography - Kay and Martin's Wonderful Day

Kay and Martin's wonderful Ripley Castle wedding
Ripley Castle Wedding Photography
The Boar's Head Hotel in Rilpley Village
Ripley Castle is the located in the heart of north Yorkshire between Ripon and Harrogate. Ripley Castle has been the ancestral seat of the Ingilby family for over 700 years.

"Having survived several plagues, invasions, civil wars, wars, religious turbulence, a plot to commit regicide, numerous periods of deep recession and everything else that has befallen this country in the last seven hundred years, the Ingilbys can justifiably breathe a sigh of relief that they have arrived safely at this astonishing landmark. Theirs is a story of how one family has been tossed around in the choppy waters of England’s stormy history – and somehow survived, despite being on the losing side more often than not. The history of the Ingilbys is a microcosm of the history of England and features a cast of extraordinarily brave, foolish, eccentric and courageous characters, black sheep and white. They have gone from high office in the court of kings and queens to running a wedding and conference venue and hotel, but they are still at Ripley and the story continues as they steer their family and business through these challenging times." - Extract from http://ingilbyhistory.ripleycastle.co.uk/700years.html

When I first met up with Martin (unusual to meet the groom and not the bride at a wedding meeting) to discuss the wedding he seemed so relaxed and cool about the  whole thing I knew it would be a great wedding to shoot. As it was my first wedding at Ripley Castle we decided it would useful to do the engagement shoot at Ripley itself. This gave me the opportunity to get to know Kay and Martin a bit more too. As usual we had a giggle on the engagement shoot and Martin and Kay were relaxed and keen to chat about the plans for the big day. Despite the bitter cold we wandered through the various gardens and glass houses scouting locations and chatting about the best time to do the family groups and when a  little portrait session would fit into their wedding day.  
Ripley Castle Wedding Photographer

Our final task for the engagement shoot was to take a short drive up to the Church. The gem of a church chosen by Martin and Kay was St Wilfred's in South Stainley.

The wedding day itself started with some bridal prep at the Boar's Head hotel just around the corner from Ripley Castle. The ladies were relaxing (the bubbles always help)and seemed very organised as I shot some candid photos a fabulous shot of the dress hanging from the chandelier and finally got the to sit together on the bed for some nice smiley shots of them chatting.
Ripley Castle Wedding Photographer
Ripley Castle Wedding

Off to church for me then to meet the groom and photograph some of the guests arriving. The church was festooned with wild flower collected the day before and it looked fabulous.

The wedding ceremony itself was short and very sweet with a very loud 'I will' from Martin which sent the congregation into fits of giggles.

The swish Bentley arrived and after confetti and many hugs and kisses with friends and family we headed off to Ripley Castle.
Ripley Castle Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Ripley Castle

Ripley Castle Wedding Photographer
Ripley Castle Weddings

The reception at Ripley Castle was held over two floors in the East Wing. The area in front of this was a perfect backdrop for a few family group shots and we got this done in about 20mins. For some further portraits of the bride and groom we sneaked into the main body of the house,  between tour groups, and did some shots on the stairs and in some of Ripley's state room.

The rest of the wedding photography was comprised of candid (reportage) shots of people laughing and having a giggle. The first dance tends to be the end of my night more often than not, as was the case here,  but I wanted to do one or two more shots with Martin and Kay at twilight. After quickly setting up a couple of lights we strolled into the refreshing air and got some real quite lovely portraits.

Ripley Castle is an amazing wedding venue and my first wedding their only scratched the surface of the potential for a wedding photographer with this venue.

Martin and Kay had such a lovely relaxed wedding in beautiful surroundings. I know they are as delighted with the pictures as I am and I am looking forward to my next wedding at Ripley Castle.

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